Earlier this morning I received the following email from The Pragmatic Programmers:

Dear Og Maciel,

This is just to let you know that Pragmatic Guide to Git (eBook) has recently been updated. You own an electronic version of this book, and so you’ll be able to download this latest version. We have also sent it to Amazon.com for delivery to your kindle.

Changes in This Release

  • Third printing: includes a few minor errata fixes.

You can get the update either by logging in to your Bookshelf Home Page, or (if you’re already logged in) by downloading it from here.

Dave and Andy

` <http://pragmaticbookshelf.com/>`__http://pragmaticbookshelf.com

Awesome right? They not only have informed me of an updated version of a book I bought from them, but have also automatically sent it to my Kindle! More over, I can download my ebook in PDF, mobi or epub format, all without any senseless “protection mechanism”. It is this type of attention and treatment that have won me over and whenever I need to buy a technical book, I immediately check their store.

Also worth mentioning is their monthly, free publication PragPub magazine, also available in many different electronic types.

Anyhow, I don’t get any type of financial incentive for writing this up, so don’t feel that I’m trying to push off some type of affiliation code in order to make money. I happen to enjoy their service and attitude toward their customers and, if you’re ever decide to buy anything from them I hope your experience will be as enjoyable as mine.


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