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Pheeeew!  What an amazing day I had today!  Got up really early and after grabbing a quick breakfast, drove down to South Boston to the Linux World Expo at the “new convention center” as it is called around here.  Together with my buddy Vinny, we quickly set things up and got it all started by playing some Swing music… the Fedora guys appreciated it!  ;)  Shortly after people started to come in… at first as a slow trickle with a handfull of people stopping by to thank us (in behalf of the Ubuntu community) for the great work we’ve done and to grab a free copy of the 600 CDs I brought in with me… and then, as a stream ravaging stream!  Holy cow!!!  We were completely surrounded by great people who wanted to tell us how much they liked the distribution!  We had a guy from BitDefender tell us how we were “responsible” for him ending a 6 year “relationship” with FreeBSD in favor of Ubuntu… or this really nice guy from Novell who proclaimed his love for our distro, even though he had access to Suse and Novell’s own flavor of Linux!  Around 1 pm we had already given out most of the CDs and were down to the last box of 50! Mako who happened to be talking to people about his upcoming book “The Official Ubuntu Book”, suggested we started charging $1 per CD so to make them last a little longer…  in less than 40 minutes those were gone too!

Around 4 pm I finally managed to find some free time to walk around the exposition floor and managed to strike a sponsorship deal with Apress Books and Linux Journal Magazine, who pledged to provide me with free books and subscriptions to some events I’m planning for the near future!

Got home late (after stopping by a restaurant on our way back) and realized I left my USB cable for my camera at the convention center… will have to upload them tomorrow…

Anyone in the Boston area with some spare Breezy CDs please contact me…


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