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Life has shifted to high gear these last 2 weeks and my time was mostly spent at work, with my kids, and working on a secret project I can’t talk about yet. In the meantime, lots have happened and I just wanted to mention the arrival of my N810 last week! It is shiny! It is cool! It is very useful! I want to thank the Maemo and Nokia guys for this opportunity and hope to deliver some good news about this device soon!

Driving around with the N810

The first thing I did was play with the GPS system, and contrary to what other people had blogged before, I had no issues syncing it with a handful of satellites. Even drove around with it and was pretty impressed! Now, I still haven’t gotten used to the keyboard and haven’t figured out how to get the on-screen (I’m assuming it’s still there?) keyboard to work yet. I was also disappointed with the choice of using mini-SDs. I currently have a SD card but cannot use it… and have no plans to buy a mini-SD or an adapter for it.

Vagalume rocks and I wish Canola would turn their PnP (avahi?) support once again so I can listen to my shared music when I’m out in the deck.

Yv and I

The GPS-enabled camera is pretty slick but apparently between importing my pictures to F-Spot and exporting them to Flickr, the metadata was lost… Like I mentioned before, I haven’t spent much time fiddling with it so these may not even be issues.

Anyhow, thanks again for the discount and I’ll write some more once I have played with it a bit more.


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