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Linux World Expo 2005

Originally uploaded by omaciel.

So here I am standing in front of the Gnome booth. Vinny and I got here around 1-1:30pm thanks to his awsome navigational skills but were able to see every single booth. The environment was very laid back and not as “corporate” as last year’s event in NYC. We managed to ask a few questions, got a lot of cool stuff, even a complementary made-in-front-of-you latte’ at the CA’s booth, and just enjoyed it all. I donated some money to some of my favorite Open Source community and came out with a nice green Debian t-shirt. I guess the highlight of my day was when I finally managed to grab a hat from the Novell guys!!! IMHO, it is a whole lot cooler than Red Hat’s, but not as cool as their baseball jersey with the words “Red Hat” in the back. Apparently you can only get it at their online store. Kudos to HP and Intel for staffing their booths with the blondies with the tight black pants!


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