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I was really bad over this weekend… I not only had a cup of (gasp!) Star Bucks coffee but I also managed to convince my wife that we deserved a new flat LCD monitor to replace our existing 17-inch. We finally settled (well, actually I settled for it… she wasn’t too thrilled about it… hehe) for a 20.1-inch Sony model. Its UXGA 1600 x 1200 resolution is amazing!!! I have so much space on my screen now… I also managed to update the driver for my G-Force 5200 card adding the final touch to a great system. What can I say? I sometimes spoil myself! :)

One other gadget I purchased was a KVM-like switch for my speakers/headphone. You see, whever I play games on my WinXP system I unplug my speakers and plug in my headphones so I don’t bother anyone in the house. Once I’m done I have to remember to reverse the process if I want to be able to listen to my music in the living room. Major PITA since this involves moving my computer desk so I can reach the plugs, etc. The gadget hooks to the microphone and speaker plugs in the back of your computer and extends to the top of your desk. In it, you can plug the speakers, mic, and headphone. There’s also a switch which you can then control where you want the sound to be delivered to: speakers or heradphone! Such a simple thing but made a huge difference for me!


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