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After talking to a few other guys about Openbox and what other applications one can use to get the best experience from a blazing fast windows manager, I remembered the other two programs I use to keep myself organized, both at home and at work: Dates and Tasks.

Tasks is basically a ToDo list that allows me to easily and quickly keep track of my weekly tasks, prioritizing each item as I see fit. It doesn’t have a lot of bells and whistles and I believe that is one of the reasons I chose it. If I were to make a few suggestions, I’d add tooltips to each item, as well as the ability to launch a web page if items have an URL assigned to it.

Its counter-part is Dates, a scheduling tool for the desktop. It too is faily simple to use and it allows me to keep track of meetings and important events. Once again, if I were to make a constructive comment, it would be too add a notification/reminder service to it, in case you’re off doing something else… like watching the replay of Milan and Liverpool for instance. :)


It would also be nice to sync up these two programs, and I think that is what Sync will do.

By the way, if you’re wondering like LaserJock what is the panel bar I’m using (bottom of the screen), that is PyPanel. The Openbox theme is Ubuntu Studio and the wallpaper is from DevianArt (I couldn’t find it to link). And this post was written using Drivel. ;)


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