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Dead soldiers

Caskets at the reflecting pool by A-Wix

As I see our nation crumbling down before my eyes, the republican candidates to the presidency of the United States concentrated on spewing garbage about the war in Iraq and building a fence to protect us against illegal immigrants. I wish they would use their time more wisely talking about how to minimize the huge f*** up our current President has gotten us into.

The last republican’s debate (not the one held tonight, but the one before) had all candidates answer the following question:

Do you think the war (with Iraq) was necessary? Were the thousands of casualties worthy?

Every single candidate with the exception of one answer yes!

Tonight’s debate was more like a 2 participants only debate, with Huckabee and Ron Paul having to sit and watch Romney and McCain duke it out on pointless discussions.

Glad to see Edwards out of the race… and Giulliani too (couldn’t stand him when I worked in New York)!!! Looking forward to tomorrow’s democrat debate.

Ahhh… John McCain keeps saying that when he decides to do so, he wants to “bring back our troops with honor.” I wonder how many people would just rather see their family member return alive!


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