I.C.Q. - A Novel

Auggie Benson is a high school senior from Northern New Jersey who freelances as a software developer and hacker after school. When he expands his clientele from AOL to I.C.Q. users, he meets Clarissa, a senior from a nearby high school.

Communicating exclusively through the new I.C.Q. platform, Auggie and Clarissa quickly become romantically entangled and learn to navigate the ups and downs of an online romance -- a romance that is cut short, as Clarissa receives an unexpected graduation present from her parents and leaves for Europe. They write to each other often but there's just one problem: Clarissa never sees Auggie's letters until the end of her trip. Can their relationship survive?

Set in the emerging world of fast-paced internet communication, this romance will not only have you at the edge of your seat, wondering what will become of Auggie and Clarissa, but will also delight you with its evocation of the music, popular culture, and topsy-turvy dating landscape of the 90s.