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Well, it’s been a while since I wrote anything here (or any where for that matter). Besides being busy with my daughter being sick all last week, there was a major reason for my absence: Last Friday I was phone interviewed for a job at `Microsoft <>`__ and afraid I’d jinx myself by telling anyone, I refrained from blogging. I’d say the interview went very well but in the end I don’t think I had everything the position required. Namely, my lack of ASP.NET programming experience might have influenced their decision and could explain why I haven’t heard back from them. Friday was the second phase of the interview process, which started approximately one week before that with a questionnaire via an email. I was very shocked when I first received their email asking me if I’d be interested in applying for a position at their Mac division in Redmond, WA. I filled out the questionnaire but wasn’t expecting anything out of it. So you can probably imagine my surprise when they emailed me back asking me when would be an appropriate time for a phone interview! Since they were looking for a Senior level ASP.NET position I’m very sure I’m out of the game already. But it is good to know that my resume circulated someone’s desk at the biggest software company in the world!


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