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My younger sister showed me this site: Googlism.  You type in your name, for instance, and using Google, it returns things that have been associated with it in the net.  Here are some results I got with a few terms:


og is gonna remember to watch idol tonite at 9 og is now impractical because it is so large og is a complete face detection and recognition system for linux using of the shelf components og is also antibacterial for a wide range of general infections og is combined with blood ph and ag og is clean and the drinks never seem watered down og is an adhesive open gear lubricant manufactured from high molecular weight synthetic base og is the answer og is nothing short of legendary og is a bit of a babe ye


Sorry, Google doesn’t know enough about ubuntu yet.


linux is for bitches linux is a free premium linux operating system linux is the future linux is less expensive than windows linux is freedom endeavor linux is a cancer” by thomas c greene in washington posted linux is just like rap music linux is like a chinese peasant uprising when the oppressed recognize their suffering linux is like pizza


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