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The day I fly to North Carolina has finally arrived. I’m extremelly excited about this trip for it could be the kick in ass I need to get back on track with my goals. I’ll be staying at my younger sister’s apartment which I believe is near the UNC's Chapel Hill campus. She's already scheduled 4 interviews with the chairs of 4 different departments and I have just emailed her to try to get me 2 more. I can already feel my brain itching with all the ideas that are coming up to the surface after having spent almost 8 years in the back burner. I guess the itch turned into a major rash the day I drove past the MIT campus while visiting Vinny 2 weeks ago. I joked that if you could tune in your brain to listen to the “brain waves” being transmitted near the campus you’d see how much information was being generated. More than ever I’m convinced that I belong in the academic and research worlds and am wasting away working as a “mercenary coder.” I have this gut feeling that this trip could be the one that will change my life for the best!


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