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[caption id=”attachment_1388” align=”alignleft” width=”200” caption=”GNOME 3.0”]GNOME 3.0[/caption]

First off, congratulations to everyone involved in the release of GNOME 3.0! In the past, my contributions were mostly related to translating applications to Brazilian Portuguese, but my role on that front was very minimal this time and consisted of a handful of translations and several commits of the awesome work done by others. Most of my contributions for 3.0 are related to the work I do for the GNOME Foundation Board of Directors, but I won’t bore you to tears!

Also, a huge congrats to the Banshee crew with their 2.0 release! I wonder what is the next platform they’re going to take on now that both Windows and Mac are already supported. ;)

I wanted to inform anyone who’s currently running Foresight Linux what to expect as far as when GNOME 3.0 will be available via an update. Basically, in order to bring this new release to our Foresight users, the following tasks (in ascending degree of complexity and potential risk to stability and usability) must be tackled:

  1. Update Glib and create a separate Gtk3 package that can co-exist with Gtk2
  2. Update all packages that have a dependency on gobject-introspection
  3. Update packages to use new Gtk3 package, considering that some packages may have duo-binding to Gtk2 and Gtk3
  4. Re-build all GNOME packages as well as anything that has a dependency on Gtk2/Gtk3

The biggest concern right now is breaking our existing KDE and Xfce packages, so will do our best to throughly test the update and migration processes before making GNOME 3.0 available. In the meantime, other packages will be updated and made available to you (Banshee 2.0 is already available!)  via the usual command: *sudo conary updateall*

Work has also started to bring PackageKit back to Foresight to provide a graphical interface for all your package management needs. The future promises!


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