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We did it!

/me does Dora, the Explorer's dance!

GNOME 2.18 Desktop Applications are now completely translated to Brazilian Portuguese, thanks to the colaborative work between the Ubuntu and GNOME Brazilian teams! Now, the Ubuntu team will be working hard to make sure that everything is in sync so that Ubuntu Feisty Fawn will have a default look and feel in our language as well!

100% UI Translated to Brazilian Portuguese

I want to take this chance to congratulate all the hard work done by both teams, and recognize that together we removed a lot of redundancy in the process. We will be striving to finish the remaining GNOME packages, and hopefully have a 2.20 completely translated!

I will be working closely with the Debian localization team in the very near future to see if we can set up the same type of colaboration and give the Brazilian localization effort a boost!


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