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With the GNOME 2.30 release just around the corner, translators are feverishly working hard to get the desktop completely translated into a multitude of different languages! But unless you’re comfortable building the application you’re trying to translate on your own (or perhaps the entire desktop), you’re pretty much doing what I call “blind translations.”

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The good news is that you don’t have to do any compiling to play with the very latest GNOME applications! Just download the GNOME Developer Kit and start translating knowing that you can actually see what you’re translating!

Borrowing from a previous post I wrote, just what is the GNOME Developer Kit? It is a continuous build of GNOME packages all bundled up into a distribution (in this case, Foresight Linux) and distributed in a few different formats that you can either install or run in a virtual environmen.

So if you’re a translator or writing docs, imagine being able to see the application you’re trying to translate running right in front of you! As the GNOME Developer’s Kit already comes with a lot of tools such as gettext, intltool and poEdit, you got your work cut out for you!

So don’t just sit there! Go download your GNOME Developer Kit today!


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