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[caption id=”attachment_1353” align=”alignleft” width=”500” caption=”Git In The Trenches”]|Git In The Trenches|[/caption]

Git In The Trenches, or GITT is a pretty cool project by my friend Peter Savage, “designed to be a book that focusses on teaching people to use Git by associating with scenarios that are experienced by a fictional company called Tamagoyaki Inc. Through reading about their day to day lives, the reader will learn not only how to use Git, but why version control systems are important and how to implement them within an organisation.

I had a chance to see the first 3 chapters yesterday over lunch and I really enjoyed the way the book is coming together. He was kind enough to send me a PDF but you can follow the progress of his book (and maybe even file a “bug”) on github. If you’ve tried to learn how to use Git before and got put off by technical books, you may want to check out Git In The Trenches.


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