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If you are elligible to vote for the election taking place in the United States of America, please excercise your right to vote. Go out and vote to your candidate OR to whomever you feel will do their best to represent your community’s best interest!

Also, if you live in California and meet the requirements to vote, please consider voting against Proposition 8!

Today marks the first time I participated in any presidential election ever in my life! It feels specially nice for me as this is also the first time I vote for the leader of my adopted country! I don’t expect that things will improve a whole lot in the next 4 years, regardless of who wins tonight. But I voted not thinking of the present but the future of our nation and what opportunities it will offer for the next generation. There will be sacrifices to be made but it will all be worth if we can deliver a better world to our kids!

Please, go out and vote!


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