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For those of you out there who are Foresight Linux users wondering when the next major software update will hit the stable branch, your wait is almost over! We’ve been feverishly making all the latest bits to play nice with each other so that we can also release newer ISO images of what will be Foresight 2.1.2. Some of the issues we’re facing right now are:

  • Issues with latest *goocanvas/pycairo mess [0][1][2];
  • Epiphany issues with latest WebKit in x86_64;
  • Exotic side effects of kernel changes that make audio CDs not easilly playable (not a Foresight exclusive issue);
  • Mono is somehow partly busted (part of gnome bindings) in x86_64 - hits latest banshee;
  • Getting Anaconda to play nicely with newer kernel drivers for some motherboards;

Some of the cool things we’re cooking in the development branch are: latest KDE, GNOME, Chromium/Firefox/Opera web browser, gst streamer bits, latest kernel, Banshee 1.5.1, F-Spot, and many, many more applications!

If you’re trying Foresight for the very first time, you’ll notice that the first update will take a while but that is expected. Since it is a rolling release, our current state is many miles ahead of the ISO images we have published. Conary, the package management system, has to pull in all of those changes as well as version your entire system in order to “apply” these changes. If you’re interested in playing with fire and feel like helping us detect issues before we release a new version, come on over to the #foresight IRC channel on Freenode and we’ll get you started!


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