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It is with great pleasure that I announce the release of Foresight 2.1.1. Well known for being a desktop operating system featuring an intuitive user interface and a showcase of the latest desktop software, this new release brings you the latest GNOME 2.26.1 release, a newer Linux kernel 2.6.29, a revamped notification area, and a ton of Xorg improvements!

As always, you can read the complete release notes for a detailed list of all changes. The following images are available for download right now:

  • Foresight Linux GNOME Edition 2.1.1 x86
    • DVD
    • Size: 1,365MB
    • SHA1: 671e279c93c16bd0c791c2fdc0ec17403aebe645
  • Foresight Linux GNOME Edition 2.1.1 x86_64
    • DVD
    • Size: 1,475MB
    • SHA1: 4639e8f4213a768e42d1f5028b532e0bea4a2188
  • Foresight Linux GNOME Lite 2.1.1 x86
    • CD
    • Size: 651MB
    • SHA1: b4104e4bfc3ecb38e3a80eae7ec48b7035187dee

Please report any issues or bugs you encounter while using Foresight 2.1.1. Foresight’s issue tracker, JIRA, is available at

Thanks to Ken VanDine, Antonio Meireles and all the developers and users who contributed to and helped test this release. A special thank you to the GNOME release team for the GNOME release notes, upon much of these release notes are based. Please file any bugs!

Thank you for using Foresight. Because your desktop should be cool.


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