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At last, after a long hiatus, I can shout out for the whole world to hear: Foresight Linux 2.5.0 is out and about! This is our first official release in almost 2 years (2.1.1 was released May 15th, 2009!!!) and it is filled to the brim with the very latest stable applications out there!

[caption id=”attachment_1376” align=”aligncenter” width=”300” caption=”Foresight Linux GNOME Edition”]Foresight Linux GNOME Edition[/caption]

A lot of work, sweat, and tears by a lot of different people went into getting this release out the door, and to all of you out there who stood by us through thick and thin, I thank you and salute you! Foresight Linux was the first Linux distribution to have a rolling release schedule and bring all the coolest new applications to your desktop! Expect to hear a lot from us from now on… Because your distro should be cool!


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