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[caption id=”attachment_1363” align=”aligncenter” width=”500” caption=”Foresight Linux 2.5.0 RC”]Foresight Linux 2.5.0 RC[/caption]

It is with great pleasure that I announce the release of Foresight 2.5.0 RC! This time, we have updated images for GNOME, Xfce and KDE! Things are shaping up quite nicely and thanks to all the feedback we’ve received from our users, we should be releasing our GA images pretty soon!

Well known for being a desktop operating system featuring an intuitive user interface and a showcase of the latest desktop software, this new release brings you the latest GNOME 2.32, KDE 4.6.0, Xfce 4.8, a newer Linux kernel, Xorg-Server 1.8, Conary 2.2.13 and a ton of updated applications!

The following images are available for download right now:

Foresight GNOME:

Foresight KDE:

Foresight Xfce:

For Developers (Devel Label):

Obviously, if you’re already running Foresight Linux 2.5.0 ALPHA2, simply update your system from the command line: *sudo conary updateall*

The following issues were resolved since our previous release:

  • FL-2699 GEDA electronic design automation tool suite
  • FL-2695 Epson Artisan printers no longer supported
  • FL-2722 man can’t display quotes
  • FL-2723 cURL doesn’t work with HTTPS unless you use —insecure
  • FL-2268 Build giostreamsink plugin into gst-plugins-base
  • FL-2114 Fuppes (upnp and transcoding for xbox/ps3/…)
  • FL-1303 zim
  • FL-1762 emesene-extra-themes:source
  • FL-2702 Synapsy crash
  • FL-1766 zsnes:source
  • FL-2166 Update Spring engine
  • FL-2596 ath9k_htc: Firmware - ar9271.fw not found, TL-WN722N usb wireless stick
  • FL-2710 Update virtualbox-ose to latest available (from 3.2.8 to 4.0.4)
  • FL-2452 logwatch ( and dmraid(fl:2-devel) conflict on ISO install
  • FL-2668 X won’t start in some install
  • FL-2709 gdb segfaults immediately upon starting a debugged program
  • FL-2703 gnome-mount options no longer honored
  • FL-2692 openshot complete broken!!!
  • FL-2697 add rtorrent and deps to group-os/world
  • FL-1901 jdownloader

Please report any issues or bugs you encounter while using Foresight 2.5.0 RC. Foresight’s issue tracker, FITS, is available at

Thanks to all the developers and users who contributed to and helped test this release.

Thank you for using Foresight. Because your distro should be cool.


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