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  • First off, for those participating of the Google Highly Open Participation Contest, get your GNOME Developer Kit now! Download the VMWare image or the DVD and start hacking today! There will be continuous builds (the plan is to have them daily) so that you’ll always have the freshest GNOME code to play with. For the translators out there, I’ve recommended the inclusion of poEdit, intltool, translate-toolkit and gettext, all latest versions available. Feel free to let us know of any other application that could make your life easier.
  • To keep your GNOME Developer Kit up to date, take advantage of the awesome PackageKit or for those interested in the amazing Conary packaging and management system, run *sudo conary updateall*
  • Speaking of Conary, those who have ventured into the packaging world will be happy with the release of conary 1.2.10 and the new cvc explain command.

Updating my system with PackageKit

  • Have you tested the new Foresight Linux (alpha 2) yet? My installation took 4 minutes, including formating a 200GB HD. Been running it for a couple of weeks now and it’s pretty stable. Check out PackageKit updating it this evening.


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