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Yesterday a lot of people hanging out on #ubuntu @ FREENODE were complaining of Firefox crashes in Ubuntu Linux after upgrading to the latest 1.0.7 version. This will only happen if you’ve enabled Ubuntu Backports in your apt-get setup. Luckly, Cyphase took the time to write up a small HowTo that will help you fix this minor glitch. For the console-afficionado out there just execute:

sudo apt-get remove firefox firefox-gnome-support mozilla-firefox mozilla-firefox-gnome-support sudo apt-get install mozilla-firefox mozilla-firefox-gnome-support

Update: I noticed that some people never actually checked the original article and used the instructions above to fix their problem. Well, it turns out that firefox was already running for some people and the fix “didn’t work” for them… or did it? Yes… You have got to find the ID for the firefox process that’s still running by using the following code:

sudo ps aux |grep firefox

Then, kill the process with:

sudo kill -9 [firefox ID]

or, as Cyphase suggested:

killall firefox-bin firefox


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