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This is more of a “feel good” post, mostly for me! Through my life I have come across a fork on the road many times, and for the last 4+ years I have always chosen the path to the right. Even when the left side sometimes looked a bit more “paved” and less difficult to walk through, I still chose the right path! The reasons are many, but I think I can distill them into one single sentence: I believe!

I’m talking about the technology that we develop here at rPath and apparently, I’m not the only one to feel this way either! It makes me extremely proud to know that something I work on is perceived as a game changer to a bunch of people!

"The challenge that most IT organizations have today when it comes to the complexity of enterprise IT is an inability to visualize the relationships between all the moving parts that make up a specific IT service. While there has been some resistance to IT automation historically, it’s pretty clear that enterprise IT will not scale in this age of virtualization and cloud computing without it."- Mike Vizard, CTO Edge

"The future of IT lies in storing system knowledge in an automated system and putting it to use when a new system is about to be unleashed." - Charlie Babcock, InformationWeek

"There are two main strengths to [rPath X6]: The DevOps articulation is the major strength—configuring and releasing a new application or changes to an application is a process fraught with human errors. The complexity is such that issues are inevitable. These issues have a ripple effect on service quality and agility. The other major strength is the IT service supply chain that will play a major role in the future. IT will have a choice of delivery platforms that they did not have before [physical server, virtual server, public or private cloud]. Applications will need to be easily "movable" to any platform. This is where rPath has a big role to play." - JP Garbani, Forrester

"Pity the poor admin whose job it is to keep track of all the versions of operating systems, applications and firmware and the interdepencies between them all, so as not to hit a conflict when installing or deinstalling something that brings everything grinding to a halt. In a cloud environment, when everything is virtualized it gets even harder to manage as resources are constantly being moved around." - Jo Maitland,

"rPath is an integral part of our strategy, providing a powerful solution for automating and standardizing how we turn applications into deployable systems and how we maintain and re-use them over time. For most companies this is a manual, cumbersome process, but rPath makes it simple and automated. We’re very excited about this next-generation version of rPath, in particular the dynamic and visual user experience and rich configuration management capabilities it introduces." - Ed Seymour, Fujitsu

"Enterprise IT is undergoing a radical transformation fueled by scale and change, contracting budgets, and the growing need for speed, Because of massive system complexity and the need for rapid deployment and change, IT needs a new and better approach. They cannot achieve this quality without embracing an automated application release solution to ensure efficient, repeatable, accurate and reliable application deployments." - Ronni Colville, Gartner


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