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With last night’s VP debate still fresh in my memory and the entire “rescue plan” that is about to rape us all, I went through all the comments that people have added to my latest posts and wanted to make a few comments.

First off, I was one of those who up until 5 years ago wanted nothing to do with politics… not only that, I was also happy with being a green card holder and saw no advantages in becoming a citizen. Let me just make something clear: I’ve lived here in the United States of America for way too long and have always considered it to be my adopted home! Even though I did not have a piece of paper that stated that I was a citizen, I have always felt like one as I have always been a law abiding citizen and care about the future of our nation. The “problem” was more of an annoyance, for my experience dealing with immigration offices had been less than stellar… at least that is how it was back when I lived in Northern New Jersey, where you were pretty much treated like a criminal the moment you got within a certain range from an Immigration, err… Department of Home Land Security office, but that is not the subject of this post.

The thing is that about 5 years ago I got fed up of the entire Bush doctrine and how passive our entire legislative branch had been… correction, has been all of these years! When the last presidential election came around and I found myself waiting for my (citizenship) paper work to be processed, I helplessly watched from the sidelines as Bush was re-elected. This year this will not happen again!

Anyhow, the “rescue plan” goes back to the House for a second round tonight and I’m not sure what to expect this time. I did let my congressman know how I feel about it but based on what I read he is in favor of this bill… Will he vote based on what people tell him or based on his private agenda, I don’t know. All I know is that I’m exercising my rights this year, something I have never done before! I also invite everyone who is a citizen of the Unites States of America to exercise their rights and let your congressperson know how you feel about this and every other issue!

One thing that was very interesting during the debate was the question about enabling other nations to obtain nuclear technologies. I will not get into all the nitty gritty things said yesterday, but I thought it was interesting that the same day the senate approved the bail out bill, they also approved another bill which will allow India, the “second largest democracy in the world” (not my words… just paraphrasing the bill) to obtain nuclear technology from us! Interesting…

The U.S. Senate approved a long-awaited nuclear accord with India. The agreement ends a 34-year ban on nuclear trade with India. It will allow U.S. businesses to begin selling nuclear fuel, technology and reactors to India in exchange for safeguards and U.N. inspections at India’s civilian nuclear plants.

Also, it was rather entertaining to watch senator McCain talking about the need to veto the bill he had just voted in favor the night before!

Lastly, interesting video of Rep. Brad Sherman about more fearmongering tactics being used to get things done!


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