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Ever since I wrote my last post about the state of Epiphany as the default web browser for Gnome, I completely switched from Firefox to it!  Cold turkey!  I must tell you, there are certain things which can be annoying at times…  But the sheer speed I have gained while performing my web surfing “duties” is more than enough justification as to why I will keep using it for now.  Thanks to some great comments I received, I am now subscribed to their mailing list and have solved some of my initial issues by installing the epiphany-extensions package. I still find the default behavior of newly created tabs (which will always open your home page) annoying but the truth is I haven’t completely immersed myself yet and explored other venues for information.  I definitely see something here that has a lot of potential!  The volume of discussion in the mailing list has been completely null for these last 14 days or so…  I think I will add Epiphany to my “evangelization” topics next time I talk to my friends…


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