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Enemy Territory Night Originally uploaded by omaciel.

Every Wednesday night has been “Enemy Territory Night” for Vinny and I for quite some time now. I’m a confessed E.T. addict and have been known for taking just any free second I can squeeze out of my tight daily agenda just so I can play a little bit. Tonight is the only time during the week when I can forego my house chores so I can solely concentrate on the game. I even bought a cool headphone so that I wouldn’t bother my wife and daughter (but the main reason why I really bought it is so I can hear the sneaky covert-ops bastards trying to knife me from behind). I usually play as an engineer and try to build all the objectives so my team can win the game but I do sometimes roll up my cyber sleeves and make use of the MG42 every now and then. I have tried other games (I also own MoH and CoD) but the WWII motif is what brings me back to E.T., to the desperation of Vinny who has been trying to get me to play something else for quite some time now. He did get me to try WoW and I was addicted to it from the start but once my 10-day trial expired I chose not to buy my own license due to my very restrict schedule. However, seeing him play the game on his brand-spanking-new 19” monitor has started an itch that “tells me” to buy one and get my own copy of Wow! Time will tell…


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