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Just an update on the development for BillReminder. Real life and work took a good hold of me these last 2 months and I had not been able to stick to my personal roadmap… that is, until last week. The programming itch attacked me again, and the result was several commits along the week, completly stripping BillReminder of its Glade “skin” and re-writing a lot of the code.

BillReminder e QuodLibet

I must tell you, I am very happy with the outcome so far… The applications “feels” snapier and I am learning a lot of new things along the way too! My latest “battle” is really learning and understanding D-BUS notifications to the point where I can write it with my eyes closed. :)

BillReminder Notification

Anyhow, this code is only available in the billreminder-0.3 branch. That is where you’ll also find my generic Gtk.TreeView code. I hope to be able to release this fairly soon… It will all depend on how long the itch will last! :)


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