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Over the weekend my next door neighbor managed to damage the passenger side door of my Honda when he parked too close to my car… That wouldn’t be so bad if it wasn’t for the fact that it was the second car he’s damaged in the last month… also mine! Now, he’s an older professor from UNC who has been very nice and polite ever since we moved to Chapel Hill, and I let it slide the first FIVE times he scratched/dented my Pacifica… but enough is enough! Since I have leased these 2 cars, I don’t want to have to pay for the damage when the lease expires!

As I had mentioned before, my neighbor is an older gentleman who has shown his age many times before, like the times he’s left his apartment’s keys outside his own door… and I dutifuly took them back to him when he arrived… or like the time he dropped his credit card outside in the parking lot… he was so happy when I returned it to him that he insisted in buying me a six pack of Becks!

So I decided to knock at his door and politely tell him about the “accident”… and boy, was I in for a surprise! The old, gentleman whom I’ve know until today showed he had some “zest” left in him. He first denied to doing it but when faced by the paint residue of his car in mine, he immediately switched off to a defensive stance and told me to quit with the talk and start doing things “the legal” way! I figured we could handle this without getting the insurances involved, but he stormed back to his apartment leaving me with no choice. About 20 minutes later he knocks on my door, seemgly much calmer, and we proceeded to swap insurance information. Tomorrow I’ll be taking the Pacifica to the shop and will brace for the damage that 2 damaged cars and a deductible of $500 per car will cause in my wallet. Hopefully he’ll admit to this and his insurance will pay for it…


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