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[caption id=”attachment_1188” align=”alignleft” width=”300” caption=”Foresight Django Pony”]Foresight Django Pony[/caption]

Today I’m releasing my Django Developer Kit Appliance 1.2.2 due to the recent security release of Django 1.2.2. Other than a newer version of Django, you’ll also get newer versions of several packages already included by default in the appliance.

I have been working hard (time permitting, off course) on migrating the appliance to a slim Foresight Linux base in order to upgrade the underlying python from 2.4 to latest 2.6.x, plus other goodies such as a newer kernel and the very latest versions of your favorite versioning control systems! This will also mean that I won’t have to maintain several packages on different places and will be able to leverage of the work being done on Foresight!

As always, choose from the following image types:

Remember that the appliance comes with its own management system that can be accessed by pointing your browser to https://YOUR-APPLIANCE-IP:8003 and logging in as the admin user (the default password the first time you boot your appliance is password, but you will immediately be asked to change it during the 1-step setup wizard). From there you can also configure backups, updates, and manage system services.

I hope you’ll enjoy the appliance and next time I hope to be announcing the newer Foresight Linux platform!


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