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[caption id=”attachment_1038” align=”alignleft” width=”117” caption=”Django”]Django[/caption] I’m really excited to announce the release of my Django Developer Kit 1.2! Setting up a Django-based project in the appliance is a piece of cake! Some of the Django modules included are:

  • PIL=1.1.7-1-1
  • PyYAML=3.05-1-1
  • Pygments=1.3.1-1-1
  • bzr=2.0.0-1-1
  • bzrtools=2.0.1-1-1
  • cElementTree=1.0.5-1-1
  • coverage:source=3.3.1-2[]
  • django-ajax-selects:source=r24_patched-2[]
  • django-authopenid:source=0.9.6-1[]
  • django-authority:source=0.4-1[]
  • django-cache-memcached=1.2-1-1[is: x86]
  • django-contact-form=r61-1-1[is: x86]
  • django-db-mysql=1.2-1-1
  • django-db-sqlite3=1.2-1-1[is: x86]
  • django-evolution=r165-1-1[is: x86]
  • django-favorites=b145949-1-1[is: x86]
  • django-filter=0.5.0-1-1[is: x86]
  • django-notification=0.1.5-1-1[is: x86]
  • django-pagination=1.0.5-1-1[is: x86]
  • django-piston=0.2.2-1-1[is: x86]
  • django-profile=r452-1-1[is: x86]
  • django-ratings=9e32d33-1-1[is: x86]
  • django-sorting=0.1-1-1[is: x86]
  • django-tagging=0.3.1-1-1[is: x86]
  • django-threadedcomments=ded46fc5bfd9a9d37a15-1-1[is: x86]
  • django-tinymce=r98-1-1[is: x86]
  • django=1.2-1-1[is: x86]
  • git=[is: x86]
  • httplib2=0.4.0-1-1
  • ipython=0.10-1-1
  • mercurial=1.4.3-1-1
  • mod_wsgi=3.2-1-1
  • mx=2.0.6-1-1
  • nginx=0.7.65-1-1
  • polib=0.5.1-1-1
  • psycopg2=2.2.0-1-1
  • pygooglechart=0.2.1-1-1
  • pysvn=1.7.0-2-1[~!bootstrap is: x86_64]
  • python-cssutils=0.9.6a1-1-1
  • python-ctypes=1.0.2-2-1
  • python-feedparser=4.1-3-1
  • python-hashlib=20081119-1-1
  • python-markdown=2.0.3-2-1
  • python-memcached=1.45-1-1
  • scgi=1.14-1-1
  • south=0.7-1-1

There are several ways for you to play with the Django Developer Kit appliance, so just head on down to the download page and pick from the following image types:

  • x86 Amazon Machine Image (EC2)
  • x86 VMware (R) ESX Server Virtual Appliance
  • x86 VMware (R) ESX Server Virtual Appliance OVF 0.9
  • x86 VMware (R) ESX Server Virtual Appliance OVF 1.0
  • x86 VMware (R) Virtual Appliance
  • x86 Appliance Installable ISO
  • x86 Mountable Filesystem: Raw Filesystem Image
  • x86_64 Amazon Machine Image (EC2)
  • x86_64 Mountable Filesystem: Raw Filesystem Image
  • x86_64 Appliance Installable ISO
  • x86_64 VMware (R) Virtual Appliance
  • x86_64 VMware (R) ESX Server Virtual Appliance
  • x86_64 VMware (R) ESX Server Virtual Appliance OVF 0.9
  • x86_64 VMware (R) ESX Server Virtual Appliance OVF 1.0

Once you’ve installed it (or launched it if using the ESX, OVF or Amazon Machine Image), point your browser to the appliance’s IP address plus port 8003 (i.e., but this information will be displayed in the console too), login as admin with the default password of password and finish the wizard. You can then use the root password plugin to set the password of the root user to ssh into the box and start hacking.

[caption id=”” align=”aligncenter” width=”421” caption=”Django Dev Kit appliance administrative interface”]Django Dev Kit appliance administrative interface[/caption]

As always, comments and feedback are welcome!


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