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No, this is not a repeat from yesterday’s post. Turns out there was another security release for Django yesterday (thanks Zygmunt for the heads up), so here’s the release of Django Developer Kit Appliance 1.2.3.

As always, choose from the following image types:

Remember that the appliance comes with its own management system that can be accessed by pointing your browser to https://YOUR-APPLIANCE-IP:8003 and logging in as the admin user (the default password the first time you boot your appliance is password, but you will immediately be asked to change it during the 1-step setup wizard). From there you can also configure backups, updates, and manage system services.

If you are already running the appliance, then you can update it to get the latest code. Just use the Update plugin in the web based management system or run conary updateall from the command line as the superuser.


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