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In order to better follow what the Transifex guys are doing with their development and deployment of, I have finally made the switch from MySQL to PostgreSQL for the Transifex Appliance. Luckly I was able to corral diegobz during my lunch break and together we worked out the necessary changes to get things to work (and caught and fixed a minor issue along the way too!).

In the meantime, the appliance seems to be getting some nice and steady traffic, which I suspect will only increase, specially when a new version of Transifex hits the streets.

[caption id=”attachment_776” align=”alignnone” width=”300” caption=”Last 30 days”]Last 30 days[/caption]

One of the cool new features you can expect is the addition of Translation Teams, yet another way to manage who has access to translate your project! Want to play with this new feature and also be the first one to test the new PostgreSQL addition? Download the Transifex Developer Kit today!

Translation Teams


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