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Cute Visitor

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My daughter’s daycare was closed today due to the weather. Eventhough there’s less than 2 inches of snow on the ground they decided that it was safer not to open today. I think they just used a very lame excuse to have a day off and since they get paid no matter what, it doesn’t hurt them in the pocket.

So today I brought my daughter to work with me for the first time. The poor thing was completely overwhelmed by the number of people who crammed my cubicle to say hello. The plan was to keep her entertained for 8 hours and do my job at the same time. Less then 3 hours later she had drawings all over the place, together with cookie crumbs and a thin layer of apple juice smeared over my desk. That’s when she said the words I had feared all morning long: “I wanna go home.” I tried, in vain, to convince her to stay but right about then she started to cough really bad coupled with a persistent running nose. Ten minutes later we were both out the door on our way home. I think it was the best decision after all for she was in need of medication and a cozier place to hang out than my co-worker’s chair. We’re home now and after lunch and medication she’s peacefully sound asleep next to me in the couch.


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