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This article was inspired by another article from my good friend Alex Rocha, who has just taken the plunge into the blogging world, pointing out a document showing how one can create their own customized Live CD with Ubuntu Dapper Drake. The document is a detailed step by step which could help you create a Live CD with all your favorite programas, including all the multimedia codecs, flash, and java for a complete “out-of-the-box” experience, specially if you’re trying to convince your aunt or grandparents to migrate from Windows 98.  ;) But in order to complete such feat, it is necessary to roll up your sleves and get jiggy with the command line, which could be a bit “scary” for those who haven’t yet experience the true power that Linux has to offer.  That’s when I came across a reference to a graphical nterface that pretty much does the same thing for you!  I took a quick peek at the instructions, shockfull of pictures, and I can say that now anyone can create their own Live CD!  I haven’t tried it yet but would love to hear from those who manage to give it a whirl before I get a chabce. Enjoy it!


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