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Not in a blogging mood today… Got home last night at 9:30pm(!!!) and checked my messages: 1 new message! An old girl-friend crying and mumbbling about her sister (also an old good friend) having an accident… broken up telephone number to call back (she must have called from a cell phone… had to rewind message 2 times… Call number and a guy answers… After introductions (“Hi, I’m an old friend of such and such…”) learn that the sister had apparently “thrown herself out the window of her second floor apartment.” Find out which hospital she is and try to call… “Vising hours are over!” Shortly after a friend of the girl calls me and tells me a bit more info… Terrible accident due to alcohol… Fell off the fire exit ladder… broke 3rd vertebrae… just had surgery… removed a rib and used to to replace vertebrae(????)… Today I didn’t go to work and went early to the hospital. Spent 3 1/2 hours with my friend, trying to cheer her up and just plainly keep her company. Later in the morning an aunt showed up and stayed untill I left.

I’ve known this girl for almost 10 years but had not seen or heard of her for the last 8. About 1 1/2 months ago I learned that she was back in town (not knowing she was out of town for a couple of years) and decided to get a hold of her. A week later took her out with my family for a very casual dinner. It felt as if we had never been “disconnected” for 8 years and our conversations picked up right at the point where we had left off. Saturday night she had dinner at my house, where I amazed her with one of my 2 laptops running Ubuntu linux while fixing her Windows XP laptop. Sunday morning she calls me to give her some information on installing Office. Sunday evening she apparently went on a “drinking spree” culminating with her “forced landing.”

Last time I heard of her today she had somewhat feelings on her legs/toes… She’s only 22 years old…


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