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It seems that my post didn’t quite express what I really meant and some people (Olav Vitters has asked me to mention his name instead of making it generic) have even decided no to vote for me because of it. Wow… For instance, my good friend Luis quoted me on his last post and based on what he wrote one would think I’m telling people to shut up and just vote. This is not what I meant at all and I can only blame myself for not making it clear. So, just to clarify things, there are better ways to express your opinion and calling someone “a psychotic failure, obstructive and destructive” is not the correct and civil way. Does it make it any less valid if expressed “forcefully”? No. But look at it any way you want, there is no excuse. period!

As far as the person who’s decided not to vote me because of my post, I’m sorry you feel this way, specially because you are judging me based on a post. I’m sure however that you will vote for someone who will defend the Foundation and community’s best interest, so good luck.


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