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I finally caved in and gave beryl a try. After being literally bombarded with screenshots and videos os people doing some pretty cool stuff on their computers, I figured: “I have a pretty good system here… why not add some bling to it?”

I followed my friend Hamacker's recipe (in portuguese, but there’s a good tutorial here in english) and was running beryl in no time! I must have spent at least 1 hour just tweaking all the possible configurations allowed! That is when I saw my friend LedStyle's recipe for installing FlightGear, the open source flight simulator. Though the instructions are also in portuguese, there’s a initial push to re-write all the existing games recipes found on Ubuntu Games to other languages, specially english. image0

The next 30 minutes were spent trying to get a F-16 to fly in a straight line for a few seconds! You can see me taking off in the picture above, but the several crashes will remain top secret! :)


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