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Just What Is A Quality Engineer? Part 2

Just What Is A Quality Engineer? Part 1

On Reading and writing

Podcasts I've Been Listening To Lately

End of Year - 2015

Books - September 2015

Books - August 2015

Books - July 2015

Books - June 2015

2014 in Book Covers

Three Years and Counting!


The End For Pylyglot

FauxFactory 0.3.0

Twenty Three Years

FauxFactory 0.2.1

FauxFactory 0.2.0

Hiring is Tough!

Emacs + Rope for Python Development

Using Python to Control Katello

ANÚNCIO: Final do Planeta GNU/Linux Brasil

Populating a Katello instance using the CLI

Adventures in the Music Streaming World

Another Concert For My Oldest Kid The Best Part

Perks of being a polyglot

Red Hat: 366 days later (and counting)

Extending the default EC2 root partition: Follow up

Extending the default EC2 root partition for an instance

Tough Times

Error: uninitialized constant Heroku::API (NameError)

Pylyglot: Open Source Translation Search

Script to populate a Katello instance with valid data

PyCarolinas 2012

Meet Some Of The Guys Behind The Katello Project

Life Update: July 15th, 2012

Setting up Vim for Clojure development notes

Now My Adopted State Has Chosen To Turn Its Back

English My Red Hat Took Me And The Kids To The Nc

How to import WordPress XML files

Uma Sessao Gravando Um Episodio Do Castalio

If You Hire People Just Because They Can Do A

Home Office Taken With Instagram

Alternatives to NY Times' Book section

Mad Props To The Pragmatic Programmers

Red Hat: The First 3 Months

Desculpe Pela Bagunça...

Sorry for the noise...

Meu Top 10: Livros

Starting a New Chapter: To Infinity, and Beyond!

Em Memória de André Gondim

For Those "Celebrating" Columbus Day

Podcast: Pete Savage

Django DevKit Appliance 1.3.1

Sixth Annual Packt Open Source Awards

Lost in Translation

Icons on menus for Openbox

Menu com ícones no Openbox

Podcast: Aline Duarte Bessa - Accerciser

Summer Cleaning


Podcast: Igor Pires Soares - Fedora Project

GNOME Foundation IRC Meeting: June 15th, 2011

Nova Edição da Revista Espírito Livre "Nas Bancas"!

Procura-se: Irani de Castro

20 Years

Book Expo America 2011

Django DevKit Appliance 1.3

GNOME Board of Directors Elections 2011

Eleições da Mesa Diretora da Fundação GNOME

Revista Espiríto Livre Nº25

Last But Not Least

Patriotism x Nationalism

PackageKit Progress on Foresight

Looking For A Platform Engineer

GNOME 3.0, Banshee 2.0 and Foresight Linux

Now That You've Found Love What Are You Gonna Do?

Foresight Linux 2.5.0!

Feel Good Friday

Reunião do GNOME Foundation: Março 23, 2011

GNOME 3.0 Translations

Foresight Linux 2.5.0 Release Candidate Galore!

Reunião do GNOME Foundation: Março 9, 2011

Life at rPath: 4+ Years And Counting

Git In The Trenches

Barrabin Barrabash: Penal Process

Barrabin Barrabash: Abra Unix Cadabra

Moving WordPress Blog to Amazon's EC2

Barrabin Barrabash: SQL Inception

Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About The Creative Commons Licenses But Was Afraid To Ask

Book Review: Stories of Your Life: and Others

Announcing Foresight Linux 2.5.0 ALPHA 2 GNOME Edition

Book Review: Emblem Divide

Disappointed With Dreamhost Private Server Service

Book Review: Mockingjay

Because Your Distro Should Be Cool!

Book Review: Catching Fire

Announcing Foresight Linux 2.5.0 ALPHA 1 GNOME Edition

Book Review: The Hunger Games


Top 10 Posts for 2010

BillReminder “Keep Their Heads Ringing” Released

Looking For a Graphic Designer

31 Books, 13360 Pages and Counting

The Thrilling Adventures of Lovelace and Babbage

GNOME Foundation New Members: December 2010

When Hard Work Pays Off: rBuilder 5.8 for Linux and Windows

Boston Summit 2010: Day 2

Boston Summit 2010: Day 1

Let Me Hear Your Voices

Ending Another Chapter

Are You Planning a GNOME 3.0 Launch Party?

Boston Summit 2010

Transifex Appliance 1.0 (Proteus) Release

Helping the Belarusian and Esperanto Translations

Pylyglot, Now With More Translations

Pylyglot, Now With More Languages



Announcing: Foresight based Django Developer Kit Appliance RC1

Django Devel Kit Appliance 1.2.3

Django Developer Kit Appliance 1.2.2

Running On Empty is 1 year old

Book Review: Python 3 Object Oriented Programming

Back from the Tropics

Bota água no feijão!

More Coffee Noise

GNOME Board of Directors: First Meeting

Review: Django 1.2 E-Commerce

Week in Review: June 14th – June 18th, 2010

Heck of a week and GNOME Foundation Board of Directors

Week in Review: June 7th - June 11th, 2010

Playing World of Warcraft on Linux with Wine

Week in Review: May 31st – June 4th, 2010

Emma's Very Busy Week

Not Going to GUADEC 2010

Week in Review: May 24th – May 28th, 2010

Django 1.2 E-Commerce

For The Win!

Django Developer Kit 1.2.1

The Maze Runner

Week in Review: May 17th – May 21th, 2010

A volta dos que não foram

Want people to work harder? Give them an innovation bonus!

Book Review: Django 1.1 Testing and Debugging

Django Developer Kit 1.2

Should you go to college straight out of high school?

Week in Review: May 10th - May 14th, 2010

Say Hello To My New Little Friend

New version of the Transifex Appliance


Week in Review: May 3rd - 7th, 2010

Django Developer Kit 1.2 Release Candidate 1

Can a plugin help you improve your writing skills?

The Road to GUADEC 2010

When the movie is better than the book

What's new with Radio Tray?

Week in Review: April 26th - 30th, 2010

A Hamster, a Lynx and The Princess Bride... What???

Splitting WordPress Export File with ChoppedPress

RESTful Web Services, Beautiful Soup and Launchpad

A Pig, an Elephant and a Yellow Dog

Coffee, a personal history

Week in Review: April 18th - 23rd, 2010

Book Preview: Django 1.1 Testing and Debugging

Transifex adds new features, wins more hearts

Help sponsor Mercurial development!

Helping downstream translations swim upstream: Part 1

From the "Useful Django Tip" Department: Reset The Admin Password

Quotes to brighten your day

Week in Review: April 12 - 16th, 2010

From the "Better Than Sliced Bread" Department: Terminator

Command Line Tools with Python OptParse

Learning Inkscape?

Stop whining and improve your life

Radio Tray 0.5.1

Django Debug Toolbar

Beer Heaven

Book Review: Django 1.0 Website Development

Wish list: Distutils best practice guide

Selenium and Sauce presentation

Appliances Updates

LXDE and the Google Summer of Code

Book Review: Python Testing: Beginner's Guide

Radio Tray gives "light listening" a whole new meaning!

Django Developer Kit Appliance: First Steps

GNOME Developer Kit, follow up

GNOME Developer Kit, now with less fat!

GNOME Developer Kit, agora "Fat Free"!

Book Preview: Python Testing: Beginner's Guide

Preview: Python Testing: Beginner's Guide

Transifex "Magneto" Appliance 0.8 is out!

GNOME 2.30 Translations for the Faint of Heart

TriZPUG, Fabric, epdb, oh my!

Transifex Upcoming Feature: Translation Review

Xfce using Transifex

Re: is Foresight Linux dead?

Ditching MySQL for PostgreSQL

RHEL 5 Appliance sneak peak

My Own Personal Translation Portal in the Cloud

BillReminder: Still Kicking

Heard it through the grapevine

What do Moblin, Xfce, Fedora plus a few other projects have in common?

Emblem Divide coming to your web!

Foresight Linux quickie

Looking back on looking back

Reunião da equipe de traduções do GNOME Brasil

To the Transifex Appliance users out there

Using WordPress as a blog aggregator

Você se lembra da minha voz?

Smörgåsbord News for September 2009

Get your oven mittens on because Transifex Pyro is out!

I got your latest GNOME right here!

Late Post-GUADEC... Post?

Hack and Slash and lose your computer while you're at it!

Cute Git Tip

Thanks a Lotte! Transifex development in full motion!

Going to GUADEC

Mande uma mensagem para o Planeta pelo Twitter

Planeta de cara nova

GeekDeck Issue 3 Published

Three Dot Five

A Fistfull of News

Transifex to provide translation platform for LXDE

Announcing the Transifex Appliance

Smell the flowers

Foresight Linux 2.1.1 is out and about!

Check out GeekDeck Issue 2

Friday at the office

Sexta-feira no trabalho

Living La Vida Geek

Life Is a Gift

Hall of Fame

Burn Motherfucker, burn!


Your typical Friday afternoon chat

Seu típico bate-papo de sexta-feira

Another open source project 100% translated

Mais outro projeto de software livre 100% traduzido

So you want to sell open source

Your translations update

Atualizações de traduções

Videocast: Usando o Dropbox

If I had a dollar...

Blog posts pelo Twitter

Snowy Day

Dia de neve


To my fallen comrades

Meet Elephant Gerald and Piggie

O elefante Gerald e Piggie

Metas para 2009

Aprendendo Django no Planeta Terra

Year of Translations?

Rosetta takes a great step toward supporting upstream translations

A few reasons why Rosetta should not be considered as a translation platform for existing open source projects

Vivo Verde, um blog sobre assuntos ambientais

Call for help: defining date ranges for a gtk.Calendar

Bailout MT-Daapd Appliance

News Update - Dec. 04, 2008

Try the upcoming Openbox 3.4.8

Day of Remembrance

Get out and vote!

Why QUALITY translations are important!

Porque traduções com QUALIDADE são importantes!

Get notifed about translation commit messages on IRC

Atualizações de traduções pelo IRC

Using Dropbox with Openbox

Fearmongering, Nuclear agreements and a US$700B pork barrel

Get your pork right here!

My 5 a day

As the bailout bill comes back to the House...

If you're from North Carolina, USA...

If things could be resolved by our children

Amazing Inkscape videocasts

Screencasts do Inkscape de primeira classe

GNOME 2.24

A few updates

Alguns updates

Ubuntu translations: let's make it work!

3... 2... 1... Say Cheese!

Traduções no Ubuntu: tem de melhorar!

heh... why not?

Me mi comigo

When Dia saved my Day!

BillReminder "Royale with cheese" released

Lançado o BillReminder "Royale with cheese" 0.3.2

Novo feed para o Planeta GNU/Linux Brasil

Another coffee flavor moment

Mais outro café do dia

Coffee flavor of the day

Sabor do café do dia

Have you hugged your favorite open source tool today?

Lessons I learned as a translation guy

A resposta é X, mas fala diferente

News Update

Procura-se: conhecedor de geografia mundial

Pandora swag

Pandora: Tem bagulho bom aí

Recipe for a good translation team

Prá que complicar?

BarCamp Raleigh 2008

Building a GNU/Linux Appliance: Step 1

Talk to your kids about Linux

Yv Scarlett Maciel: o primeiro ano

Converse com seus filhos sobre o Linux

Yv Scarlett Maciel: the first year

Desktop client for Twitter and

Going back to school

De volta à escola

Desktop screenshot for July

Desktop no mês de julho

Subscribe to feeds from projects hosted on Google Code

Acompanhando o desenvolvimento de projetos hospedados no Google Code

Registering a gconf schema via

And now... tabs... on tabs!!!

VideoCasts e Planetas

Got milk?

A cereja que faltava!

Stormy weekend in Chapel Hill

Not going to GUADEC

My first blueprint for Ubuntu

A DVCS model that embraces your model?

To post or not to post

Where should your money go today?

United States of Censorship

The things you write when you have the stomach flu

Almost 200% new translations for BillReminder

Vamos passar a sacolinha!

Help me translate BillReminder

Fresh material for all the professional Tweeters out there

Brazil x Argentina online

Brasil x Argentina na internet

Dedicated to Nixternal

Envelhecendo e traduções

Getting older and keeping up with translations

Introducing PyLyglot

About Tweeters

Sobre Tweet

Let My Love Open the Door

Wish List

FineTune: the "mix tape" evolved

Still about music sites

Mais um site de músicas online

Online music recommendation systems

Sistemas de recomendação de músicas online

The new GNOME Display Manager (GDM)

O novo Gerenciador de Exibição do GNOME (GDM)

Introducing agora traduzido para o Português do Brasil

XFCE completely translated to Brazilian Portuguese

XFCE Completamente Traduzido

BillReminder featured on ProgBox

BillReminder no ProgBox

Perguntas e Respostas

Opções em um mundo livre

BillReminder available for Ubuntu Hardy

BillReminder disponível para o Ubuntu Hardy

Atualização sobre o vídeo aula

Vídeo Aula: Trabalhando com o Glade

Mais um momento Kodak

Another priceless moment

Vídeo Aula: Programando com Python e Glade

O misterioso sangramento do Lício

Janela Indiscreta



Pai coruja? Eu?

Daddy's girls



Moving on


The Windmill Appliance



Prelude to letting go?

Mini entrevista e review do BillReminder

What's the Big Idea?

Migrating to Google Code Follow up #1

Migrando para o Google Code #1

Good news from the Epiphany front

Moving to Dreamhost

BillReminder "How Many is a Brazilian" 0.3.1 Lançado

Switching from SourceForge to Google Code

BillReminder "How Many is a Brazilian" 0.3.1 Released

Summer of Code 2008

Limitando o número de fileiras exibidas em um gtk.ComboBox

Limiting the number of rows displayed in a gtk.ComboBox

Patinhos na Lagoa e Dedicatória

Wild Deuces and a Bitter Sweet Moment

Prá quem você trabalha?

Who do you work for?

BillReminder apareceu no LifeHacker

BillReminder featured on Life Hacker

All of your Shuttle boxes are belong to us!

All of your Shuttle KPC are belong to us

BillReminder "It Puts the Lotion in the Basket" 0.3 lançado

BillReminder "It Puts the Lotion in the Basket" 0.3 released

Esperando pelo Openbox 3.4.7...

Waiting for Openbox 3.4.7...

PulseAudio + Games and My Five Hundred

Ask and you shall receive

Dialog remodeling and playing with wbar

Diálogos e brincando com o wbar

Chiclete com Banana 2: A Revanche

Chegou meu Nokia N810

Long overdue post #1

Lançados Openbox 3.4.6 e ObConf 2.0.3

Openbox 3.4.6 and ObConf 2.0.3 released

Chiclete com Banana

Ignorance is Strength

Rumores falam que...

Rumor has it...

Enquanto isso...

Oh yeah...

Revista Portuguesa sobre programação

The Biggest Loser

Newer packages of BillReminder for Gutsy

Novo pacote do BillReminder para o Gutsy

No meio da nata

Top Percentile

BillReminder keep on rocking

Mais novidades sobre o BillReminder

BillReminder vai para Hollywood

BillReminder goes to Hollywood

About gtk.SpinButton, my time widget and quick patches

No Bugs Left Behind and Rumors

BillReminder de casa nova!

BillReminder has a new house!

End of 2007 and new beginnings

Fim de ano

Triple Threat

Google Highly Open Participation Contest and Translations

Taca perfume no Ubuntu

Openbox goodness!

Boring day

Ajuda necessária no projeto de tradução e documentação

Foresight and Conary Updates

GNOME Foundation update

"The weather outside is frightfull...

Comunicado Importante

Dennis Kucinich

The Online Desktop Question



Let us not lose our cool

Now that all the turkey is gone...

Running for the GNOME Board of Directors

Foresight Linux KDE Edition: The start of the odyssey!

Weekend Update

Foresight Linux on The Linux Link Tech Show

Ajudando o projeto XFCE

FossCamp 2007

For the little kid in you

Para a criança em você

It's the big pumpking Charlie Brown!

Back from FossCamp

Novo visual no Planeta GNU/Linux Brasil

Foresight Linux installation in 7 minutes!

All you ever wanted to know about Conary and was afraid of asking

PackageKit and gnome-packagekit 0.1.0 release!

PackageKit e gnome-packagekit 0.1.0 lançados!

Obrigado Raphael Higino Silva

Thank you Raphael Higino Silva

Call me "first prize winner" please

Python Magazine

Milestones and Events

Expondo-se via Web 2.0

Exposing yourself via Web 2.0

Talk like a pirate!

Lançado o GNOME 2.20!

GNOME 2.20 is here!

Adding Vinagre to Conary

Sync BillReminder with GNOME clock

Novos Autores no Planeta

Crossing Paths

MySQL issue when upgrading to WordPress 2.2.3

How many are there in a Brazilian?

GNOME 2.20 100% traduzido para o Português Brasileiro!

Integração com o GNOME clock

Integrated GNOME clock

The road to GNOME 2.20

Todo dia, era dia de índio!

Slavery is still well and alive in small town Brazil!

Rise to the challenge!

Vergonha Nacional!

Blog Day 2007

O berro do Tarzan!

O paradigma do "inicializar"

Tradução da Licença Pública Geral GNU

Relembrando os anos dourados do videogame

For those who remember the golden days of videogames

Weather-Wallpaper usando o sistema imperial

Weather Wallpaper using Imperial Units

Ata da Reunião de Planejamento do XFCE Brasil


Alô Mamãe!

Look Ma!

Novo Chapéu: XFCE

New XFCE Hat

Foresight Notification Theme

Do I feel lucky?

A Few Good People

APTonCD on Linux Format Magazine

The Name Game 2: The Rematch

The Name Game

Lunch break

More BarCampRDU


GNOME, Foresight, and Two Smocking Barrels

Como fazer um pai orgulhoso?

How to make a dad proud?

You know you're using too much Vi when...


Atualizações para o Nokia N800 e Dica #1

Nokia N800 Update and Tip #1

Membro da Fundação GNOME

Say hello to my little friend!

GNOME Foundation Member

Say hello to my little friend!

Article about Conary

Artigo sobre Conary

Primeira tradução efetuada!

Palestra no GUADEC aceita

GUADEC Paper Accepted

Não basta ser pai... tem de participar!

Você quer aprender a traduzir os programas do Linux?

Elvis visto brincando com o BillReminder

Elvis seen playing with BillReminder

Learn to use the GIMP in 10 easy FREE videos

Vídeo Aula - Aprenda a utilizar o Gimp em 10 aulas simples

Outro post sobre um Gtk.TreeView genérico

Another post about a generic Gtk.TreeView

Gerador Genérico de Gtk.TreeView

Generic Gtk.TreeView Generator

The Unbearable Lightness of Being

A Insustentável Leveza do Ser

Installing PyPanel on Ubuntu

Problemas usando o PyPanel no Ubuntu?

Openbox 3.4.2 e ObConf 2.0.1 lançados

Openbox 3.4.2 and ObConf 2.0.1 released

And for those travelling...

E para você que vai viajar...

Panela velha é que faz comida boa!

My own F.A.Q.

Planeta Openbox

Lançado Openbox 3.4!

Openbox 3.4 Released!

Mantendo-se organizado com Tarefas e Datas

Keeping organized with Tasks and Dates

Gnome-Specimen e Nitrogen

New kids on the block

Smorgersboard Brasileiro

Foresight Linux 1.3 lançado!

Foresight Linux 1.3 released!

Openbox 3.3.995 preview lançado

Openbox 3.3.995 preview released

Revista Linux


World of Padman

Usando o OBMenu

America or America?

Meus comandos mais usados?

Openbox 3.4 in the horizon

Cidadão Americano

American Citizen

Mais sobre o Openbox 3.4

OpenBox 3.4

Bond... James Bond!

Educational GCompris Live CD

Live CD Educacional do GCompris Brasil

Um pequeno "update"

Que lingua falo eu?

Ubuntu Studio 7.04: Notas de lançamento em português

Nasceu o Planeta Ubuntu Portugal

Geração Bitolada

Escute o Foocast usando Rhythmbox/Listen/Banshee/Radinho de pilha!


Brincando com o Gcompris

Taking GCompris for a spin

Construa o campo que eles virão!

Ir na Espanha buscar o meu chapéu

Mais fotos do FISL

Summer of Code 2007


Herding Cats in Brazil

Simplifying gtk.TreeView?

Simplificando o gtk.TreeView?

Ubuntu Weekly News #35

Texto Livre for All

Texto Livre para Todos

One year went by...

Um ano passou...

Comandos Básicos do Linux

Watching the wheels go 'round and 'round

Novos wallpapers para o Foresight Linux e outras coisas mais

Going to FISL?

Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter #34


Governo quer multar usuários do GNU/Linux

Coisas para trazer em uma conferência de Linux

BillReminder "7 Different Types of Smoke" 0.1 Lançado

BillReminder "7 Different Types of Smoke" 0.1 Released

Problemas usando o VMware Workstation 6 (Beta)?

I want my MTV

Novela Mexicana

Anúncio sobre meu blog em português

BillReminder on TV?

BillReminder na TV?

Problemas instalando o Foresight Linux?

Don't forget to pay your bills again... or else!

Foresight Linux 1.1 Lançado


Como eu "blogo"?

Delphi dentro do Linux

Giggling already

Google Summer of Code 2007

GNOME 2.18 DEsktop: 100% translated to Brazilian Portuguese!

GNOME 2.18: Area de Trabalho 100% em Portugues do Brasil!

Giggle packaged for Foresight

GNOME 2.18: Quase 100% traduzido para o Portugues do Brasil

GNOME Desktop 2.18: Almost 100% localized to Brazilian Portuguese

Churning away

More ways to test GNOME 2.17.92

VMware any any update

Live CD do GNOME, versão 2.17.92

Porto Alegre: Ir ou não ir?

Nação Livre

poEdit and translate-toolkit packaged in Foresight

Epiphany is the Bee's Knees

Segundo Encontro Nacional Ubuntu Brasil

Live Gnome VMware Image

Planeta no Ar!


Como se tornar mais popular - O Retorno


Life 2.0


Apresentando Thematographer

Pare pra' pensar, pense muito bem!

Baby on Board

Instalando o PyPanel no Ubuntu Feisty

Launchpad has a new face-lift

Launchpad de cara nova

Do you conary?

Saturday Night Fever

Apresentando Foresight Linux 1.0



Meme: Metas 2007

Gnome, Ubuntu, e Samba!

Gnome, Ubuntu, and Samba

Portable VLC

O ano de 2006 em fotos!

New Years Reolutions

New Years Resolution

2006 in Pictures!

Feliz Natal!!!

Vamos abrir as portas da esperanca!

Pastebin as a Linux Appliance

rPath Appliance Agent 1.0.9 in the wild!


Monoglotism in TurboGears...

This day in history

True Colors

Distribuicao de CDs do Ubuntu pelo Brasil

A Plea for Jorge Castro

Ubuntu Tip #1974: Vim

First impression of the OLPC OS

Brincando com o OLPC

Secret Santa Made Easy

Network Manager Tip

Ubuntu Tip #147: Network Manager

Ubuntu Developer Summit - Grand Finale

Ubuntu Developer Summit - 1,2,3... 4,5, 1000!

Ubuntu Developer Summit, Mountain View - Segundo dia

Ubuntu Developer Summit, Mountain View - Primeiro dia

Cheguei na California

Iniciando o servico Avahi no Ubuntu Edgy

Mentalidade > /dev/null

APTonCD 0.1 beta Released!

Três Amigos!

Linux para a Humanidade Portuguesa

Instalando TurboGears no Ubuntu Edgy

"Caving" In

Sobre o beryl e jogos no Ubuntu

LINUX Sem Mistério

Novos autores no Planeta

Seis Anos

Six Years

Sitio Deus e' Pai

Google Analytics

Novo Planeta Brasileiro

Using Foresight Linux: Week 1

Receita para encontrar um string que precisa ser traduzido

Bug no Rosetta

Como ajudar com as traduções do Ubuntu - Exemplo No. 147

Sobre as regras de ingressão à equipe de tradutores

Como se tornar mais popular

Mantendo seu Ubuntu Edgy atualizado em portugues

My first conary package

Let the good times roll!

One last ping from New Jersey

Following the Right Path

Ubuntu Wallpaper

NJ -> NC -> NJ -> NC

Instalando o Enlightenment 17 no Ubuntu

Se correr o bicho pega...

Overheard at the TriLUG meeting


I'm in a NC state of mind

Socorram-me, subi no ônibus em Marrocos!

A little bit of light in the tunnel

Where in the world is Og Maciel?

NYC Claims Another Victim!

Eu quero ser um membro do grupo de traduções! Como proceder?

Going to the United Nations

Minha experiência nas Nações Unidas

Ubuntu nas Nações Unidas

III Festival Software Livre da Bahia

Mais um brasileiro na equipe do Ubuntu

Top Contributor/Translator

Dude, Where's my TabletPC?

Live [Broad|Pod]casting with Linux Planeta Ubuntu Brasil

Continuando com Nagasaki

Documentação para Live CD Personalizado

After the storm, comes the calm

The real terrorists always get away

Nagasaki: 60 anos depois

Customized Ubuntu Dapper Drake Live CD 1,2,3

Ubuntu Dapper Drake Live CD Personalizado 1,2,3

Aprendizagem Mastigada

Learning through a straw

Curva de Aprendizagem

Technorati Brasileiro

Pegando os Espanhois de Tapas

My Daily WTF


Ubuntu Hacks

Getting Jiggy With Translations

Botando a mão na massa!

Melhores Práticas em Traduções

Translations Best Practice

Primeiro dia de Aula: Log

Ubuntu 6.10 (Edgy Eft) Knot-1

Corrida Maluca

The Amazing Race

New Kid on the Block

Whose Blog Is It Anyway?

Dia do Tradutor

Is it progress?

Para Frente É Que Se Anda

[RESOLVIDO] HTML Scraping com Ruby

Back To School

Classe de Aula do Ubuntu Online

Pequeno Livro do Ruby

Using Ruby Within Visual Studio.NET 2005

Usando Ruby com Visual Studio .NET 2005

Vamos Abrir as Portas da Esperança

Eu Ubuntu... Tu Ubuntas?

Perfil: Ubuntuser

Alhos e Bugalhos

Humanidade aos Outros

We Built This City!

V Day: Dia da Vitória!

1º Circuito Paranaense de Software Livre

Livros para o seu grupo de usuários

Ubuntu Edgy

Recipe: Enemy Territory


Problemas assinando o Código de Conduta do Launchpad?

Women's Summer Outreach Program 2006

Between Meetings Note

Compartilhando música com Avahi

Sharing music via Avahi

TabletPC 4: Entrei de gaiato no navio

Rotating the screen for a TabletPC

TabletPC 3: A volta dos que não foram!

TabletPC photo frenzy

Recipe: Ubuntu Dapper Media

Receita Ubuntu Dapper Mídia

Top Blogs Brasil

Natal chegou mais cedo?

Early Christmas?

DVDs do [Ku|U]buntu via

TabletPC 98% Ubuntunizado

TabletPC 98% Ubuntunonized

Version 3.2

Versão 3.2

Ubuntu em um HP TC1100 TabletPC

Ubuntu on a HP TC1100 TabletPC

Concurso Guia do Dapper do Ubuntu Brasil

VMWare Player

Ubuntu Brazilian Portuguese Translators F.C.

Futebol de Ubuntão

Keysigning Party

About Time!

Picasa Ripple Effects


Fear and Loathing In Brazil

Não quero saber se a mula é manca, eu quero é Rosettar!

No more Linux World in Boston


Entrevista com um vampiro

Antes do galo cantar 3 vezes

Máquina do Tempo

The 2 people you meet in Heaven

A caravana passa mas os cachorros continuam a latir

Buteco do Mendeleyev


Sign of Times?

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We're all dying!

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Look Ma! I'm on TV!!!

Linux World Expo 2006 - Day 3

Linux World Expo 2006 - Dia 3

Linux World Expo 2006 - Day 2

Some early pictures

LWE 2006 - Day 1

Primeiro dia

Sem tempo para respirar!!!



Boston Bound

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Brasileiro Tomará Lugar de Mark Shuttleworth

Idade Perigosa

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BillReminder in the Wild!

Achtung, Baby!

Salivando mais que Pavlov


Dia do Pi? Quero ver o dia do Mol!

Importante: Senha do root em Breezy fácil de visualizar

Dapper Drake Flight 5

Possivelmente Dapper Drake só em Junho 2006!


Cuidado com a Katilce!

Depois de um longo e tenebroso inverno...


Dica Matuta

Red Hat Certified Engineer - Dia 1

Linux World Expo - Boston 2006

O que há de novo no Gnome

Tradução passo a passo

Criando seu próprio Multi-Boot Pendrive

Uncle Ubuntu Wants You!

WinForms on Mono


Ubuntu Dapper + Gtk# + Mono = Fun!

Winforms com Mono

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Ferramenta para Css Design

Is Less Better? - Take 2

Still pulsing

What's on your reading list?

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Using FlickrUploadr in Ubuntu

The system works!

Learn to code in Python in 10 minutes

What is your Perfect Major?

AJAX Translator

Glade XML Build_interface: assertion failed

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Performancing for Firefox

I'm Superman!

September 11th Conspiracy

Can you hear the crickets?

Ubuntu Sweepstake 2005

News from down under

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Free Visual Studio.NET 2005 Express

Ubunto Member!!!

Ubuntu Membership

Follow up on MySQL Meetup

Announcing PhPlanet

Northern NJ MySQL Meetup


Flickr Tool for Linux

Translating Linux

Your momma knows better

Planet Ubuntu Brasil Manifesto

Setting up a Planet

Sci-Fi Character

On Parallel Peer Programming

Name meaning Meme

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Packaging for Debian Linux

Visual Studio 2005 Launch

Installing Debian by Edd Dumbill

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Is Less Better?

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Ticket to Ride

Free Visual Basic 2005 Book

Helping out Ubuntu

Firefox 1.0.7 Upgrade for Ubuntu Linux

KPL: Kid's Programming Language

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Linux Sex Positions

History, or how we're doomed to repeat it.


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Installing iWhax Linux on VMWare 5

Comic Buddy# Reborn?

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Linux 14th Birthday

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Pulp Fiction In 30 Seconds

Cuba + Linux = Cuba Libre

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Good Debian Server Setup HOWTO

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Picasa 2: Cool UI

The Little Penguin Wine

There And Back Again

Wallpapers For Wide Screen

Of Whidbey, Orcas, and Hawaii

Living In A Movie

My Google

Portable Firefox 1.0.4 Released

About To Get Rough

StarWars "Last Supper"

It's A Wireless World After All

Where Do We Get These People?

What Does It Mean???

Watch Star Wars III with Microsoft

Dragging My Carcass

Trying Out Perforce

Primavera Project Management Class

Away From My Desk

A Hazy Shade Of Freedom

15 things you can do with RSS

State of RssReaderNET


Close Call


Reviewing The Reviewers: HG2G

Beware of Crabs When Fishing

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Lynx Browser on Windows

Portable FireFox 1.0.3 Released

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If You Thought Google Maps Was Cool

Northern NJ Linux MeetUp - April 11th, 2005

Benjamin Mako Hill

Google Satellite

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Saving The World, One Plugin AT A Time

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Open Source Alliance - March 24th, 2005

What's The Frequency, Kenneth?

Portable FireFox 1.0.2

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Linux Meetup - March 14, 2005

Portable Applications

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Top 10 Reasons for Wearing a Kilt

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Linux World Expo 2005

Linux World Expo Bound

Jail Life

I screwed up!

Castálio Podcast - Enrico Nicoletto e Rafael Ferreira: Projeto GNOME

Castálio Podcast: Everaldo Canuto: Toca do Canuto

Castálio Podcast: Alexandre Gaigalas: Yahoo

Castálio Podcast: Og Maciel: Red Hat

Castálio Podcast: Luciano Ramalho: Oficinas Turing

Castálio Podcast: Fabiano Fidêncio: Red Hat

Castálio Podcast: Julian Fernandes: Ubuntu BR SC

Castálio Podcast: Carlos Brando e Rafael Rosa Fu: GrokPodcast - Part 1

Castálio Podcast: Licio Fonseca - Google

Castálio Podcast: Bruno Gonçalves - BigLinux

Castálio Podcast: Felipe Borges: Google Summer of Code

Castálio Podcast: Episódio 43 hoje a noite!

Castálio Podcast: Cristiano Costa - Hora do Mac

Castálio Podcast: Fábio Nogueira - Ubuntu Brasil

Castálio Podcast: Danilo Resende - Facebook

Castálio Podcast: Djavan Fagundes: GNOME Brasil

Castálio Podcast: Felipe Ribeiro - Spotify

Castálio Podcast: Flávio Ribeiro:

Castálio Podcast: Caike Souza - Envy Labs

Castálio Podcast: Fábio Kung e Pedro Belo: Heroku

Castálio Podcast: Júlio Monteiro - JobScore

Castálio Podcast: Henrique Bastos - Welcome to the Django

Castálio Podcast: Gabriel Falcão: Yipit

Red Hat: Os Primeiros 3 Meses

Castálio Podcast - Ivan Brasil Fuzzer: Ubuntero

Castálio Podcast - Rodrigo Belém: Ubuntu Brasil

Castálio Podcast: Primeiro Ano e Bastidores

Castálio Podcast – Ana Cristina Fricke Matte: Text Livre

Castálio Podcast - Marcelo Hashimoto: Polly Twitter Client

Castálio Podcast - Rodrigo Padula de Oliveira: UFRJ

Castálio Podcast - Rodrigo Novo: Conectiva Linux

Castálio Podcast - João Fernando Costa Junior: Revista Espírito Livre

Castálio Podcast - Rudá Moura: Conectiva Linux

Castálio Podcast - Elvis Pfutzenreuter: Conectiva Linux

Um Novo Capítulo: To Infinity, and Beyond!

Castálio Podcast: Alexandre Coster - Asobo Studio

Castálio Podcast - Guilherme Salgado: Canonical e Linaro

Castálio Podcast: Evandro Pastor - Quarto Estudio

Castálio Podcast: Augusto Campos - BR-Linux, BR-Mac, Efetividade

Primeiro Episódio do Castálio Podcast em Inglês!

Castálio Podcast: Álvaro "Turicas" Justin - Arduino

Castálio Podcast: Carlos Ribeiro do projeto Radio Tray

Participe do Próximo Castálio Podcast!

Castálio Podcast: Hugo Dória - Arch Linux

Castálio Podcast: Aline Duarte Bessa - Accerciser

O Objetivo do Castálio Podcast

Castálio Podcast, or Three Times is a Charm

Castálio Podcast: Igor Pires Soares - Projeto Fedora

Castálio Podcast: Lucas Rocha - The Board (Parte 1)

Castálio Podcast: Johan Dahlin

Castálio Podcast: Yuri Malheiros

Castálio Podcast: Frederico Gonçalves Guimaraes

Castálio Podcast: Diego Búrigo Zacarão

Castálio Podcast: Murilo Queiroz

Mais Um Episódio do Castálio Podcast

Novo Episódio do Castálio Podcast

Novo Episódio do Castálio Podcast

Apresentando o Castálio Podcast

Usando o Dropbox com o Openbox

Servidor de músicas Bailout MT-Daapd

Experimente a versão Openbox 3.4.8-RC1

Apresentando o Windmill Appliance

Apresentação ao Planeta Mandriva Brasil

Google Highly Open Participation Contest e Traduções

Foresight Linux no The Linux Link Tech Show

Instale o Foresight Linux em 7 minutos!

Milestones e Eventos

Caminhos Cruzados

Você sabe que está usando muito o Vim quando...

Empacotando software com Conary

Não se esqueça de pagar suas contas novamente, se não...

Giggle empacotado para o Foresight

Mais noticias sobre o GNOME!

Mais formas de experimentar o novo GNOME 2.17.92 virtualmente

Experimente o GNOME 2.17.92 agora!

Usando Linux como eletrodomesticos

BR-Office empacotado para o Foresight Linux

sudo apt-get dist-upgrade

Veni, Vidi, Vici