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I’ve been using Firefox for what seems to be a long time now… As a matter of fact, I don’t really remember the last time I had to use IE! Even when I have to use someone else’s computer, the first thing I do is plug my USB key and fire up the portable version of Firefox! I really like the theming capability as well as the great plethora of plugins and extensions available… But somehow I am extremelly attracted to the simplicity of Epiphany! For starters, it seems much “lighter” than Firefox… Maybe it is because it doesn’t offer all the things I mentioned above, but I wonder if it would make much difference if it, for instance, supported something simple like theming…?

What I’d like to see is for Epiphany to take its place as the default web browser for Gnome! The same way I’d like to see Gnumeric, etc, etc… I could be wrong, but maybe all that it really need is a bit more love? Add a bit of “cosmetics” updates (a face-lift if you will) and some way to get to the more advanced properties for max tweakage et voilá! Sure I’m way out of my league here, but Epiphany, IMHO, has a lot of untapped potential!


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