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Over the weekend we had a Fall Festival in our neighborhood, with tons of food, drinks, and games for the kids. We stayed for about 2 hours and just as I was about to leave, Yv (my oldest daughter) decided she wanted to paint a pumpkin before heading back home. So we stayed a bit longer and that is when the DJ (yes, there was a DJ as well) announced there would be a pumpkin painting contest for the kids. All the kids were very excited and Yv decided to participate too. We waited and waited for the DJ to collect all the entries but he started some other games and we thought that this was going to take too long… So I again convince the girls to leave and as we get close to the car, we hear the DJ calling all the contestants. Needless to say we ran back to where all the pumpkins were and placed Yv’s along with them.

Pumpkin Painting contest

The judges only took 1 minute to decide, and sure enough Yv’s “master piece” won the first place! I must say, I wasn’t expecting this at all and we were all very excited for her. As her prize, she won a Wallmart gift certificate.

So we walked back to the car while Yv kept on telling us how she would buy us all a small gift and the kinds of gifts she would buy to decorate her room. So she got in the car and buckled up the pumpkin in the middle seat! I then gave her my cell so she could call my parents to tell them about the contest.


That’s when she turned to us and asked:

"Could you guys call me first prize winner from now on?”



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