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As some of you may know, I’ve been doing a great deal of testing for rBuilder Online, rPath’s online community service for all your GNU/Linux appliances needs. As a QA Enginner I have a chance to play with the most innovative technologies we create (and dare I say some of the coolest things in the system/package management world?) before it hits the general public.

It is because of this work and my recent super involvement with our products that I decided to create a videocast on how to create a virtual GNU/Linux appliance using rBuilder Online. My objective is to show just how easy it is to package your software and distribute it to as many different environments and architectures without having to do a lot of heavy lifting. This videocast is the first step toward this goal, recorded this morning with no script or preparation what so ever. Please be gentle. :)

Some useful links for you to follow along:

Recently I have been working with another contributor for the XFCE desktop environment to build an appliance with code pulled directly from their versioning source control repository. This allow us to work with the applications as they currently exist in development and work on any issues that are sometimes hard to catch without actually using the software.

Please feel free to ask me anything related to the process of using rBuilder Online and sign up for a free account!


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