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Have spent the last 3-4 days re-designing Wicked Reader. I completely got rid of the RSS.NET backend and wrote a brand new one from scratch. RSS.NET is a great library to get you started and may even be just what the doctor ordered depending on your project. However, I found myself tweaking it and completely taking it apart in order to get what I needed. Last Friday, frustrated of doing so many modifications and spending quite some time writing code to conform with the library, I decided enough was enough. Today, WickedReader.NET (a dll) took its first mature steps. I’ve already done all the modifications to the application itself and have ported everything over to use the new dll. As far as the application itself, I’ve added an About form and finally added the Remove feed option. So far, nobody’s offered to help out… but then again, it is not like I’ve been advertising about it either… ;)



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