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I have just received the news from Walter Cruz that he chose the Brazilian Portuguese version of my blog as one of his favorites for this year’s Blog Day 2007! I was very pleased and honored for being selected by such a great guy! ;)

So I’ll join in the fun and will announce a couple of my favorite Brazilian blogs. Just a little display that Brazilians have much more to offer than Carnaval, beautifull women, and soccer players:

  1. Blog Aurélio Verde: I really enjoy Aurélio’s laid back style and stories!
  2. Fudeblog: Yet another diverse and fun blog by César Cardoso!
  3. Simples Idéias, por Nando Vieira is one of my favorite blogs to catch up on programming tips, with the right amount of tips and code.
  4. Nerdson não vai à escola is a Brazilian comic strip that always makes me laugh!
  5. Sérgio Rafael Lemke's blog has served as a valuable reference for those times someone asks me how to get Ubuntu to perform tricks !

Unfortunately I don’t know their emails right off the top of my head (you’re supposed to let them know about your selection, but I’m sure they’ll “bump” into this post somehow. :)


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