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Due to the proximity to the release date for Dapper Drake, Ubuntu Linux’s latest version scheduled to be released this June first, I have completely stopped working on my pet project, BillReminder. The translation effort to bring Open Source goodness to the Brazilian masses has a higher priority in my agenda, but the coding itch is still there!

BillReminder is completely written in C#/Mono and makes use of the newly incorporated Windows.Forms namespace for all its UI needs. The new version of Mono and MonoDevelop should offer a great deal of new functionality and an improved WinForms support!

Being that this is my first time working on an Open Source project, I feel the need for some guidance and support to get it off the ground. Anyone interested in lending me a hand, specially in adding a Gtk# UI to it, is encouraged to contact me via email or this post. All inquiries will be replied to!

BillReminder in MonoDevelop


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