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It is with extreme pleasure that I annound the release of BillReminder "Royale with cheese" version 0.3.2! This released was concentrated on fixing bugs, adding more translations, and getting some work done for future reporting features.

Straight from the NEWS file, here’s what you’ll find in this release:


  • Paid/Not Paid entries exist in File and Edit menus; Make them toggle/untoggle appropriately (Bug #13)
  • Issues with date and time locale? (Bug #12)
  • Ambiguity with Alerts and Alarms in preferences dialog (Bug #11)
  • Make category names a unique field. (Bug #1)
  • Newly added categories should be selected automatically (Bug #2)
  • Make setting an alarm really optional. (Bug #4)


  • Changed BillReminder to use GConf for is configuration values. Thanks Wilson Pinto Junior
  • Changed BillReminder’s command line parsing to use OptionParser. (Bug #3)


  • cs.po:  Pavel Å efránek
  • de.po:  Lorenz
  • en_CA.po:  Stuart Read
  • en_GB.po:  Jen Ockwell
  • es.po:  Ramón Calderón
  • fi.po:  Ilkka Tuohela
  • fr.po:  Robert-André Mauchin
  • he.po:  Yaron
  • hr.po:  Mario Ä?anić
  • hu.po:  HORVATH, Akos
  • it.po:  Sergio Zanchetta
  • nb.po: Tommy Mikkelsen
  • nl.po:  Martijn Cielen
  • pl.po:  Tomasz Z. Napierala
  • pt_BR.po:  Djavan Fagundes and Vladimir Melo
  • pt.po:  Susana Pereira
  • ro.po:  IonuÈ› Jula
  • ru.po:  Ilya B
  • sl.po:  Martin
  • sv.po:  Daniel Nylander
  • tl.po:  Jerome S. Gotangco
  • tr.po:  Rail Aliev

Graphical Interface:

  • Mnemonic labels/widgets and HIG work done to dialogs. Thanks Wilson Pinto Junior
  • Ask user for confirmation before editing an existing category.
  • Added pycairo as a dependency instead of python-Image. Color-coded categories now have a border around the colored tile.


  • Added uninstall method and versioning via autotools (Bug #547768)

Source code downloads are currently available as well as an Ubuntu package. Please report any issues, comments or feature requests using the Bugzilla page.


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