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It has been approximately 2 weeks now that I started hosting my pet project BillReminder on SourceForge.  I’m very excited for living up one of my goals for the year: starting my own open source project.  The goal is to force myself to port my programming skills over to Linux, now that Mono is definitely an emerging force in the Linux community!  I have managed to get some people interested in contributing, both with code and art/web design.


This project was initiated to scratch my own itch, as have many Open Source projects out there.  I needed something that would remind me of financial events (mostly bills to be paid) and allow me to add/remove/edit more records as needed.  BillReminder has been initially developed completely from scratch, relying solely on the newly ported WinForms namespace to Mono.  The beauty of this plan (IMNSHO) is that the same code base can be easily executed in any OS that supports the .NET Framework, which in this case emcompasses Windows and Linux (I think Mono has been ported over to the Mac but am not too sure about it)!  I have actually been very successfull in running the same code in both plataforms so far!

I’m currently looking out for more contributors, specially people who can package and also know some Gtk# for a secondary version.  I’m also looking to learn a whole lot about running an Open Source project, and would definitely love to get some comments/suggestions about it.

Check back here for upcoming releases and information about the project.


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