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This is a minor release where a couple of bugs have been closed and some UI work was done to improve the workflow. It is worth to mention the new French translation, courtesy of Robert-André Mauchin, updated Dutch translation, courtesy of Daniel van Eeden, and some UI work done by Laudeci Oliveira.


  • #1906715 - New records can now be created by double-clicking a date in the main calendar. The due date for this new record will be set to the date selected upon double-clicking.
  • #1908445 - Fixed a bug that would cause recurring bills not to expand beyond the current year.
  • French translation added by Robert-André Mauchin
  • Dutch translation updated by Daniel van Eeden
  • Display categories by category name in ascending order in the categories dialog.
  • Display the colored tile for each category next to its name in the categories dropdown in the add/edit dialog.

Grab your tarball now!


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