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My pet project BillReminder has gone through several iterations of new code these last few days, mainly thanks to the work done by Luiz Armesto. All this commotion made me finally move the project’s home page, then hosted by SourceForge, to one of my domains. This has given me more flexibility and control over the overall design and look and feel of it.

Speaking of look and feel, I have received some spiffy artwork (namely, the header) from Vinícius Amaral who was fairly excited about the project. So much so that he is now in charge of this facet of the project. :)

I have also received a RPM package for Mandriva by Felipe Rafailov, based on an earlier snapshot of the up and coming 0.3 branch. Anyone interested in taking it for a spin?

Finally, our road map is looking better and better and I got the feeling that I’ll be releasing BillReminder before my planned Feb. 15th date!

The stable 0.1.1 version is currently available for Arch and Foresight Linux, and can  be installed using their respective package management systems.


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