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Release soon, release often they say, right? Well, here it is then!

Today I released version “7 Different Types of Smoke” (beta) 0.1 of my pet project BillReminder. Born out my need for a simple and light home accounting desktop application, BillReminder became my favorite hobbie and main learning entrance into the python world for me!

BillReminder: Main Window

Though still in beta, this version includes an attempt at a smart database layer (built on top of sqlite) which should allow the application to expand its capabilities of saving different types of data. It also has a simple notification system that will remind you every day of your outstanding bills, independent if you’re running the application or not. Also noteworthy is the availability of translations in Swedish (thanks Daniel) and Brazilian Portuguese by yours truly.

BillReminder: Notification

This beta release was possible thanks to the usual suspects (except for Mat who just recently started helping me test the application):

  • Laudeci Oliveira
  • Luiz Armesto
  • Daniel Nylander
  • Giovanni Deganni
  • Ruivaldo
  • Mario Danic
  • Led Style
  • Vinicius Depizzol
  • Mat Davey

Bugs, comments, help (yes!!!) welcome!


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