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Last night I decided to work on my plan of racking up World of Warcraft hours in order to beef up my character but since my friend Vinny was busy with his own quests, I decided to try my newly learned skill: fishing! As stupid as this may sound, I never thought that fishing in a game could be so… relaxing! I switched my character’s sword for a fishing pole and spent a good 15 minutes casting the line and watching the bobber. There was nobody around and I completely lost track of time… Soon enough I had 4 mackerels in my bag. That’s when I noticed some “clipping” sounds and my vital signal decreasing: a couple of crab-looking creatures came from behind me and started attacking me! It took me several seconds to realize what had just happened and even then my brain was still in fishing mode. I attempted to fend the creatures off with the fishing pole (I completely forgot to switch back to my sword) but ended up minced to pieces. The good thing was that I was able to return to the same spot, kill the evil creatures and am planning on using my also new skill of cooking to eat my mackerels! I wonder if they’ll spoil and start to smell???


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